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Original design by Jean Baptiste Pillement (French, 1728-1808).

His chinoiserie scene presents a theme that fascinated Europeans, particularly during the 18th century. Entire rooms in palaces and hotels were decorated with furniture, porcelain, metal, and fabrics, all conceived as whimsical and highly Westernised versions of Far Eastern forms, designs, and motifs.

Many European gardens encompassed a latticed teahouse or pagoda not unlike those shown here.

This magnificent collection in blue lines is a classic that cannot be missed in your home.

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Set of 5 Dinner plates: 27 x 2,7 cm

Set of 5 Dessert plates: 22 x 2,1 cm

Set of 2 rectangular tray: 28,5 x 23 x 3 cm

Quality: earthenware

Dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.

Plato Llano o Plato postre

Lote 5 platos llanos, Lote 5 platos postre

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